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Penn State
0 True Grit: Scholarship Rewards Perseverance Through Life’s Challenges

Grit — not IQ, or test scores or raw talent — is the strongest predictor of success, according to “genius grant” recipient Angela Duckworth. It was along this logic that Tom Sharbaugh, a ’73 graduate, designed the Schreyer Honors College Gateway Scholars Program Scholarship, which rewards first-generation college students that have persevered through life’s challenges on their way to academic success.

Sandusky Scandal
5 10 (More) Questions with John Ziegler

You all know him by now. John Ziegler — the iconoclastic, former talk radio hosting, ex-Christine Brennan dating filmmaker — is back for another round of 10 questions. Love him or hate him, there’s no question Ziegler has been one of the leading outside voices on the Sandusky situation from the beginning and has a mini-movie and an online book to show for it.

Student Life
1 Sex Offenses on the Rise at Penn State

As required by law, Penn State released its annual security report yesterday which discloses crime statistics over the past three years through 2012. The results show a drastic increase in forcible sexual offenses from 2011 to 2012, with reported incidents to the Penn State police nearly doubling over that time period.

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