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6 Massive Storm Hits State College

An intense storm resulted in flooding across State College Thursday afternoon and evening.
Referred to by AccuWeather senior meteorologist Mike Piggot as “one of the largest non-tropical storms in 20 years,” the rainfall closed portions of North Atherton Street and College Avenue and made other roads difficult to navigate.

Student Life
11 Penn State Students Drink Alcohol…Still

The surveys are in and the result is clear — Penn State students are consuming alcohol at nearly the same rate as they have over the last six years, despite widespread university efforts to to combat the drinking “problem.” Penn State Student Affairs Research and Assessment recently released its annual report on alcohol which randomly surveyed 1,174 Penn State students about their drinking habits in college. The results are similar to that of the survey’s origin in 2008.

0 Happy Together Tour Announces BJC Stop

Are you tired of this generation’s music? Does the sound of another radio-friendly Justin Bieber or Katy Perry song just make you want to punch someone in the face? Well, this might be the show for you. The Happy Together Tour 2013 is a celebration of the music of the 60’s, and it’s coming to the BJC on Sunday, July 28th.

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